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Yogic Beauty Tips

Yogi Bhajan's Beauty Tips for Women


Cold Showers

For your body it is essential that you take a very, very cold shower. Your beauty depends upon your circulation and the open capillaries. Open capillaries can only be tested through the pain of the cold shower and the pleasure of beautiful skin and a wonderful body. Normally, in female metabolism, the circulation of blood inward is much stronger than outward, whereas man's circulation outward is stronger than inward.

If you ever want to test the youth of your skin, it's simple to do: Get under the cold shower. At the first blast you will say, "Wahe Guru!" That first "Wahe Guru" or "Jesus Christ" comes from the navel point. Something will happen when the water hits you. It is called "the first wet." Get wet and massage the body. Get wet again and massage again. Then get really wet and if you do not feel the cold you are okay. If on the third wet your body does feel the cold water, it means your capillaries are not functionally correct to your standard of health. It is as simple as that. Make arrangements to wet and massage your body better.

The arteries give blood and veins turn it to back to the heart to get the oxygen. That's how circulation happens. A capillary is skinnier than a hair. That is where red blood turns into blue and goes back to the heart. Capillaries have to remain open. Their openness creates the youthfulness of the skin.

All these creams and cosmetics can be totally avoided because your body cells change in 72 hours. If you use that kind of cleansing process for your circulation you'll be fine. The condition is that through your menstruation period the water has to be lukewarm, not cold. You have a concession for those five days because then you are more of a male then a female. You are not willing to recognize that.


Biologically your physical body, biochemical rhythm and also your bioneuron rhythm changes for that period called menstruation, which is now commonly called ‘period.’ On those days, it is not advisable for you to bend or lift anything or do something through which the pelvic bone can be expanded. Any pressure on that area will cause many, many problems for years to follow.

Thanks to modern science they have created plugs for you. It's the most damaging thing for the body to put a plug in. It may soak all your blood but what roughness it creates inside you, you can't even dream. Those television ads you hear, what do they say? Freedom! At what cost? Use a very hygienic pad. Before and after your period, use a high multi-grade acidophilus mix with yogurt and turmeric and make a paste douche: That alone can keep you young. A young uterus will give you a young face. In Africa, even today, they use malachite eggs, turmeric and very, very sour pasty yogurt to take all the non-cleansing effects out of the uterus. The cleansing process, hygiene of the body and of that area in particular you should not be ashamed of. It's your duty to take care of it.

Breast Massage

Every day when you take a shower or bath, you must massage your breasts to add circulation to them. All this breast cancer and problems you are facing in your life come because that area is an extra membrane body muscle. If not stimulated and circulated properly, reactory cells there can cause cancer.

Waking Up in the Morning

How many of you when getting up in the morning stretch first before your foot touches the ground? It is essential for you as a woman and human being to stretch yourself right and left in cat stretch. Any day you get up without doing cat stretch, within that month you will have these following diseases: common cold, headache, physical itch of depression, if not actual depression, and irritated mood. And it doesn't matter what happens, the advice is that you must not jump up like a fountain or a hot potato out of the pan onto the ground—that is not for you. Men can afford to and suffer; you can't. Any woman who jumps up, kills her youth that day and suffers that month. That is how your electromagnetic field gets totally shot up.

When you wake up from sleep, open your eyes in your hands. You must not look straight when your eyes open; you must look into your hand. That will keep your eyes young for a long time. Once you open them straight, you will very soon have to wear glasses. Now cat stretch left, cat stretch right. Next do stretch pose: put your legs up a little, feet up and hands up and do that for just a few seconds. And now get up slowly. You can run to the bathroom then, I don't mind, but that's the way to get up. How many of you get up this way? If you do not, ladies, you can get common colds and grow old very fast.


There are two postures you must do; one is cobra pose and the other is cat/cow pose. Whether you like it or not, do them sometime, somewhere. I don't want to fix the time. There's another exercise called "mental standard." Three times during the day, to check your mental strength, sit down and stretch your legs straight, hold your toes in your hands and touch your knees with your nose. Anytime you feel tense, it shows how much your energy is off and you need to balance it. If you want to face the world for twelve hours a day, do it every four hours for as long as you need to. For a female this is a must.


Whenever you eat you must sit on your heels for five to seven minutes afterwards. If it is possible for you, in the evening lie down flat on your back while sitting on your heels. If a woman can do this posture in the evening, she will hardly ever get sick anytime. Between five and seven minutes is a must. For best results, do it in the evening—the twilight zone when the sun is setting.

Massaging the Navel

The navel is one of your most important points. There are three oils you can use on the "navel pit," One is eucalyptus oil. You can massage it with a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion. In few movements each way, you'll find what you need at that time. Sandalwood oil or just clarified butter, called "ghee," is also good. Putting warm ghee in the navel pit and massaging with it is a very amazing experience. Putting an oil there and massaging for about ten to fifteen minutes is a splendid experience. So, my dear ladies, your hygiene is your personal first priority and responsibility.

Hair Care

How do you wash your hair? Does anybody know? Water, soap or shampoo and conditioner? You are wrong. Put oil on your head and massage it to death. Take oil and yogurt mixed together with the fragrance you want and massage your hair. Then wrap it with a thick cloth so you may not mess up your clothes. Make what they call a "towel cloth," which you can tie very tightly so it may not fall off. Stay that way for an hour or two. After that take your shampoo and wash your hair. Then if you want to blow dry it or not, that is your option. The best method is to stay in the sun and let the natural air and sunshine take care of it. Once a week you must expose your hair, head, and skull to the sun. That is a must.” - July 13, 1988