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Yogic Hair Care

Hair grows on almost all places on the human body, and in the science of yoga, it serves the purpose of drawing energy into each area, and protecting it. Caring for hair as a gift and a resource is another useful yogic tool for everyday, spiritual living.


Hair serves several functions for the human being:

• Maintains the body’s electromagnetic field, acting as antennae for the aura.

• Hair is typically abundant where major glands function (e.g. eyebrows, under arms), affecting hormones and the entire electromagnetic body health.

• A man’s beard covers the pranic nerve in the chin controlled by the moon. Without hair, the male nervous system cannot handle this energy, while the female’s can.

• Gathers phosphorous and vitamin D from the sun.

• Concentrates solar energy at the pineal gland when worn in a rishi knot (see Covering the Head) at the top of the head.

• Note that wearing bangs over the forehead impedes the transmission of light to the pineal gland through the porous bones of the forehead.

• When kept uncut, the tremendous energy and materials used to build new protein-rich hair instead goes to the brain and other functions of the body.

• Uncut hair encourages rising of the Kundalini energy.


Yogic treatment of your hair ensures it will optimally serve you and your higher purpose.

• Uncut hair collects prana and acts as a filter and shield. 

• Includes hair all over the body (e.g. head, legs, armpits, face, etc.).

• Notice how you feel when the hair reaches its natural length. Yes, this can be a big change and take some time!

• Combing with a wooden comb (or natural bristle brush) neutralizes the static electricity, distributes natural oils, and keeps the hairs untangled.

• Combing the hair down calms and soothes.

• Combing the hair up energizes and invigorates.

• Use these effects to your advantage! Comb your hair if you need a pick-me-up or in order to relax.

• Make a habit of combing your hair for 5 minutes morning and night.

• Prior to showering, vigorously massage oil (almond oil recommended) into your hair and scalp.

• Wrap it with a thick cloth (so you don’t mess up your clothes).

• Let sit for an hour or two then wash your hair as usual.

• For an extra treat, mix yogurt and a fragrance in with the oil before massaging your hair.

• Expose your hair, head, and skull to the sun at least once a week.

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Photo by Raphael Gaillarde, 'American Sikh Women 1985'