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Gemstones and Healing

By Siri Radha Kaur Khalsa

Gemstones have always been used medicinally to restore balance to the auric field and the physical body. In ancient advanced civilizations, we were self-attuned, aware of vibratory frequencies and able to heal ourselves. As humanity grew more material, healing was turned over to the shaman/priests. Our cure no longer came from within. Prescriptions were administered through the art of talismanic which combines the energies of the stones with shape and numerical proportion.

Work on a larger scale was done through the erection of large standing stones (menhirs), such as Stonehenge in England. In an acupuncture-like manner, telluric currents, or Earth meridians, were regulated through these large stones. Geometric constants such as the sun’s diameter and the moon’s diameter were used to channel solar and lunar forces and were linked up with infinities like pi and the golden ratio of a spiral. These equations produced sources of rich energy, sometimes used to fertilize the Earth and to create a garden.

In our technological society, we are out of contact with the proportional harmony of nature. Surrounded by electric and telephone wires, we walk through an environment of cement and smog. Through yogic lifestyles, we have cleansed away some of this static, and are recovering our intuitional sensitivity. A “new age” of ideas connected with the manipulation of subtle energies has resurfaced, but we are still putting ourselves into the hands of the healer/merchandiser, instead of going inside for the answers.

How can we learn to rebalance ourselves and our society? As a stepping stone to inner awareness, the following is offered to show the connection between gemstones, numerology, astrology and the ten bodies.

Gemstones and Numerology

Using the 10-Body system, I have correlated them with the properties of gemstones. 

  1. Soul Body. Create. Amethyst.
  2. Negative Body. Connect. Ruby.
  3. Positive Mind. Hope. Citrine.
  4. Neutral Mind. Serve. Emerald.
  5. Physical. Balance. Aquamarine.
  6. Arcline. Focus. Lapis.
  7. Aura. Uplift. Rubellite.
  8. Pranic Body. Fearless. Topaz.
  9. Subtle Body. Mastery. Sapphire/Opal.
  10. Radiant Body. Radiance. Diamond.

The equation of numerology is as follows:

The day of birth is the Soul number.

The month is the Karma number.

The last 2 numbers of the year is the Gift number.

All year numbers is the Destiny number.

The day, month and year together is the Path number.

In order to strengthen your connection with your soul, you would add together the numbers of the day of birth. If you are born on the 19th of the month, your soul number is 10. The tenth body would use diamonds to intensify and amplify itself. The manifestation of the path number requires the addition of all the birth numbers. Someone born on April 4, 1936 has a path number of 9 (4+4+1+9+3+6=27=2+7+9). Nine is mastery or mystery. The inner reflectiveness required by mastery is enhanced by using either sapphire or opal.

Gemstones and Astrology

Astrology has also been used as a base to determine what stones can be used for balance. It is said that the ancient Hebrew system is the most accurate for birth stones:

Aries – Sapphire

Taurus – Carnelian




Virgo – Chrysolite

Libra – Tourmaline

Scorio – Topaz

Saggitarius – Ruby

Capricorn – Garnet

Aquarius – Amethyst

Pisces – Jasper

The 4 Healing Stones

The four healing stones are said to be lapis, coral, turquoise and carnelian. Other stones don’t care whether you receive their energy or not, but these stones will give their life for you, they will take the cracks of life for you!

Lapis – takes away sickness, very powerful projective stone

Coral – balances positive and negative forces

Turquoise – pulls out impurities

Carnelian – purifies blood, projection

Using these systems, you can design your own jewelry or malas, and use them as a bridge to developing your own sensitivity.

Originally published in Beads of Truth, Winter 1989