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The International Summer Solstice Season

By Guruka Kaur

Summer Solstice is such a wonderful time in New Mexico. Years ago we got together just for Summer Solstice. Today, we have many events surrounding Solstice with many opportunities to self-develop.

This year our season started in the first half of June with Camp Miri Piri and 21 Stages of Meditation. This was followed by the KRI Trainers Forum; the International Welcoming Party; and Summer Solstice, including the Teachers Conference. Next was the KRI Teacher Training Level Two Lifestyles and Lifecycles at the same time as the Level 3 Mela, which is the first time Level 3 has been offered.

The real treat though, is that participants are here from Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Canada, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Viet Nam, South Africa, Australia, the UK, Sweden and more. What a wonderful time to grow together in these beautiful teachings Yogi Bhajan shared with us!

The season’s gatherings will soon be followed up in Europe, with the European Level 3 Mela; the European Yoga Festival—the largest international 3HO event;  the Teachers Conference; Trainers Forum; and Summer Sangat Days at the beautiful Chateau Anand.

Summer is the time to experience and merge in our beautiful global communities. Our cultures and customs may be different, but our love of these Sacred Teachings is One. We have so much to share and learn from one another. How incredibly blessed we are. May we all have the opportunity to connect and expand this summer!

Guruka Kaur Khalsa is the Director of IKYTA International. She studied with Yogi Bhajan and taught for 44 years.  She currently serves at IKYTA and the Office of Ethics & Professional Standards.       


 Photo #1: Gurubachan Singh, host of the International Welcome Party for the past 13 years.

Photo #2: Chinese presentation at the International Welcome Party.