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Applied Intelligence: The 11 Year Cycle

Intelligence is the ability to manifest the thoughts that we identify with and create clear intentions from. It is not the thoughts themselves nor is it the intellect. It is not knowing something. It is the capacity to act on what we know and to evaluate quickly the result of our choices.

When we are too attached to an idea, feeling, or belief, we narrow our perception which slows our ability to learn and adapt to new environments. The key to appropriate development of intelligence is the power of non-attachment. 

The number 11 is associated with mastery of learning. It is the capacity to select a strategy, from competing factions, that can get you to the goal. It is associated with the ability to teach. It is the higher form of the negative mind (11 = 1 + 1 = 2 in archetypal number symbolism.) In this context, it is your ability to negate false learning and move quickly to a new insight and direction. Another way to interpret 11 is to see it as 10 + 1, which means that the quality of the impersonal wholeness and self-completion of 10 is combined with the urge of the soul, 1, which can manifest at its highest frequency, Infinity, or as the lower frequency of the assertive, attached ego. 

Between ages 11 and 22, a new strategy is formed to approach groups and partnerships. From age 22 on, the world becomes the challenge and the strategies that worked in the past change again. The cycle of 11 is one of learning, completing and finding ways in which the clear vision of your purpose can find its path.

From The Aquarian Teacher: Life Cycles and Life Styles. KRI International Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Level 2 Transformation Practitioner. Kundalini Research Institute. 2007.