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The Cycle of Life Energy

The three cycles of life are cycles of development which are opportunities for us to review our life, our intelligence, and our consciousness. These cycles guide the balance between our awareness, our applied intelligence, and our physical structure. The three cycles function like tides of energy moderating the development of these three aspects of our self.

The eighteen year Cycle of Life Energy reviews the physical health and vitality plus the overall life quality. The eleven year Cycle of Intelligence reviews the applied intelligence; how our intelligence affects our actions. The seven year Cycle of Consciousness reviews the basic level and style of consciousness; how do we understand things and what are our priorities. Our entire life is a destiny cycle to express who we are as a human being. 

The eighteen year Cycle of Life Energy reveals the relationship between our Soul and our Pranic Body'

This particular cycle is the longest. In the first 18 years, we have energy to spare. We can make a lot of mistakes and be covered by our natural reserves. In this period, our hormones and the fire to digest is at its peak. Tremendous growth, exploration and plasticity abound in both our neural and social capacity as we find ways to express our energy in the culture and family we are part of.

Nature, though never forgiving of what we do, is wise in providing the type of energy and resources we need at each stage of development. In the second 18-year cycle (ages 18-35), we still have a lot of vitality and some reserves, but we must maintain ourselves. We can begin to show the effects of stress, work, drugs, relationships and the mark of our experience – dreams realized and lost. By the third cycle (ages 36-53), we still have energy but how much is available in reserve depends on our past habits, how we’ve arranged our life physically, emotionally and spiritually. By the next cycle (ages 54-72), nature allows us to live on what we have created, our discipline, how much we have connected to our own spirit as a source of energy.

One way of understanding this cycle is to think of the symbolism of numbers and their qualities: 18 years is a combination of 10 plus 8, or in numerology 1 plus 8, so an energy of 9. It reflects a relation between the soul (1st body) and the pranic body (8th body). The pranic body provides us with the energy to act on that life. The energy goes in waves, like breathing. It can be used well or wasted. You can spend all your gas in the first part of a trip and enjoy the speed and the stimulation. The question is whether you can reach your destiny and destination. Did you take care of your resources, your reserves of prana? Did you expend them in an intelligent manner? Did you rejuvenate and rebuild in a steady way over time? Did you conserve your natural reserves to accomplish your purpose?

In the first cycle, this energy is drawn largely from the physical self, the hormones, nerves and nutrients. Later you must learn to draw more energy from the mental and pranic bodies. In the cycle of 54 years and beyond, you need to draw on the subtle, radiant and soul bodies. That is one of the reasons we are exhorted to lean on the Infinite, rely on God, give God a chance – not just push from our ego and finite resources. The shift of the Cycle of Life Energy from reliance on the most gross to the most subtle sources of energy is natural. If we do not move in rhythm with this shift, we end up trying to augment our life energy with other, often harmful, stimulants. Maturation of this cycle moves us from instinct and impulse to intuition and wisdom in our habits and lifestyle. 

From The Aquarian Teacher: Life Cycles and Life Styles. KRI International Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Level 2 Transformation Practitioner. Kundalini Research Institute. 2007.