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Walking in Beauty, Living By Grace

By Pritpal Kaur Khalsa, excerpt from I AM A WOMAN

There was a time when woman was worshipped for her divinity, her beauty, her wisdom and her grace. In the eyes of the newborn infant and their perfect innocence looking into the eyes of the Mother, this has never changed. The child sees not just the physical form of the mother but the light and radiance that surrounds and emanates from her physical body. This is the image of woman that Yogi Bhajan saw and nurtured within us.

Many of us have spent years basing our self-worth on whether we met the standards that media and culture have set for women: to be skinny and sexy in order to be truly a woman. How liberating it is to think of our value being defined by our inner light, our radiance and grace.

Each of us is unique and as women we have been given a gift, the beguiling beauty of God within us. Yogi Bhajan said if God ever thought of taking only one form, woman would be the vehicle in which God would come to Earth. Our beauty is not in our makeup or our fashion, it lies in our depth.

The strength of our mental, spiritual, auric, subtle, pranic and radiant bodies forms a brilliant light field—our radiance—and makes up our entire physical being. Add to that radiance our smile and nothing can defeat us. With this strength and contentment there is no need for trauma and drama because your attraction will be so strong that everything will come to you.

We have another blessing as women that gives us effectiveness and radiance—our grace. What is grace? Grace is the strength of character to be you and to never let yourself down or anyone else down. A woman walking in her radiance and grace requires no introduction. We do not have to utter a word to be noticed or for people to show us the reverence, trust and understanding we deserve. Woman can heal and transform all that surrounds her with her smile. Our power and strength come from manifesting who we truly are: "I am a woman, I am a graceful woman." When we hold this consciousness, we excel.

Our challenge as women is not to be defined by the standards of outer beauty that our culture demands of us, but instead to live in contentment, serenity and contain­ment. These qualities build the strength of our Arclines which give us an indescribably beautiful radiance and guide us to victory. It is our time as women to stand tall, walk in our beauty, live in our grace and be the divine leaders of the Aquarian Age and the generations to follow.

Pritpal Kaur is a KRI-certified Lead Teacher-Trainer. She studied at the feet of Yogi and Spiritual Master, Yogi Bhajan, for over 35 years and has dedicated much of her life to sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and the 3HO Lifestyle around the world. Along with being a KRI Lead Trainer, she is also a Sat Nam Rasayan Yogic Healer, an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, Spiritual Life Coach and the creator of “Excel and Celebrate,” a transformational program for women. Pritpal currently serves as CEO of 3HO Foundation International. She lives in New Mexico with her husband, Pritpal Singh.