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Letters from Yogi Bhajan

By Guruatma Kaur

I'm sitting here with my precious collection of letters from Yogi Bhajan, pulling out all the ones where he invited me, or my husband and I, or the ashram community to come to Summer or Winter Solstice, Tantric courses and Khalsa Women's Training Camp.

His greeting so intimate, so reverend and loving:

--My dear daughter in Divine,

--My dear one in Divine,

--My dearest sons and daughters in Divine,

--Sat Nam. I am writing to you with a lot of love to ask you to join me at KWTC in I995.

--Sat Nam. I am writing to you with a lot of love and joy in my heart that you have shared with us and participated in the recent White Tantric Yoga Course.

…and then he puts it out there in such an appealing way:

--We have a sacred breath of life given by God and we have a life that even the angels envy. Your immortal soul is the master of this breath and body. It is to the beauty of our souls and to Mother Earth that we dedicate the healing power of Summer Solstice. Join me under the sunny skies of Ram Das Puri. 3-25-90

--It is such a privilege to participate, and nowhere else can one achieve the results that Tantric offers. 6-23-82

--In these courses my job is to clear away your pain of life, so that you can consolidate your power to prosper and excel in 1989 and the years to come. Opportunity knocks on every door. I am asking you to take every opportunity by continuing to participate in these White Tantric Yoga Courses. Do it for your personal growth and prosperity. 1989

--Time and space do not wait. You must be ready to meet the challenge when opportunity knocks. Happiness and prosperity are equal to applied intelligence plus endurance. With this formula, not only will you become prosperous, but people who are seeking prosperity and happiness will seek you out. Come and clear out the past so that you can build success upon success in a continuous flow of excellence. 1-10-90

--The greatest thing is self-growth. When you continue the process of growth, you sustain your excellence. Sustain yourself by coming to New Mexico for another White Tantric Course. I am personally asking you to keep going and keep growing. 11-5-89

These next two letters make me smile because he was so good at poke/provoke/confront and elevating us. He predicted our reactions and all the excuses we'd come up with for not being able to go. Saturn Teacher that he was, he put it right in our face, reminding us that it's our duty to take care of ourselves first:

--I understand that you have too many pressures and that life is a highly stressed environment in which you have to survive. However, the very beauty of this lifestyle is that it doesn't matter how much adversity you face. If you practice these teachings, you can overcome and excel in any situation, no matter what! Come and sit with me every weekday evening during KWTC . It is a Golden opportunity and a rare experience. You have a personal responsibility to yourself, to be self-kind. 5-16-95

--Come to Solstice. Solstice is a rejuvenation, and this is our basic requirement. 8-10-89

He understood that we'd be worried about how hard it was going to be and gave us a new way to regard difficulty and discomfort:

--Solstice tests your grit. When we met at the old Solstice site, it was cold and you were tested. Now we meet under warm sunny skies and still your endurance will be tested. Spirituality has no meaning without the test of endurance. A great spirit is tempered with kindness and compassion. Be kind to your divinity, and give grace to your Infinity by coming to Winter Solstice. Be very selfishly, selfish for yourself and for your prosperity, by coming to Winter Solstice Sadhana 1989, and let us celebrate the ecstasy of life by meditating together at this time. 11-27-89

My favorite letter is the one he wrote to me when I was real sick. I remember being shocked that he even suggested it, but he practiced what he preached and didn't relate to the conditions of the illness I was challenged by to be my identity or as a 'handicap'. He wanted me to put the drama to the side, take a deep breath and see the truth that he saw—that I was limitless and vast. So, he put it out there in a personal invitation, meeting me on my level with no pressure. He planted the seed in my psyche and gently nudged my soul.

--It will be good to come to Summer Solstice. Meditate in the Land of Enchantment, and rejuvenate yourself. Follow it with Ladies Camp. Relax and heal your nervous system. 6-3-98

One year, he encouraged us to bring a friend:

--We are regrouping ourselves as a nation, a nation of spiritual leaders and teachers. We have a technology whose time has come and it is our obligation to disseminate the teachings. My request of you is to bring a new person to Solstice and let them experience the blessings for themselves. 10-5-89

His promise:

--We will have a fantastic Solstice. It will be a time that you will never forget. 10-5-89

And look at Yogi Bhajan's poem I found in a letter dated 3-25-90:


Out of love

Answer my call:

Come to Summer Solstice, all.

Meet me, meet me

At Ram Das Puri

For prosperity and privilege

Come in a hurry.

Bring your mother, sister, uncle and niece.

Pray together--prosperity and peace.

Happy bunch

Healing Land

Songs we know

Take my hand.
Out of love

Answer my call

Come to Summer Solstice, all.

-Yogi Bhajan, April 1990

“Be very selfishly selfish for yourself and for your prosperity by coming to Solstice.” –Yogi Bhajan

Safe journey to all -

kiss the earth, hug a cloud, inhale the stars and have a blast!

yours truly



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