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Now More than Ever, the World Needs Kundalini Yoga—and We Need Your Help 

It’s been a challenging and transformational time, and now more than ever we are relying on our 3HO community to help restore and build a brighter future for Kundalini Yoga. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to gather this year in the high mountains of New Mexico to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Because of this, 3HO has experienced a substantial financial hit, yet we remain committed to growing the work of 3HO and spreading the message of Kundalini Yoga. We also remain committed to listening to, supporting, and serving our community.   

In order to do this, we need your help. 

Give Back to the Practice that Gives so Much. 

Our mission at 3HO is to inspire everyone everywhere to realize their full potential through the uplifting experience of Kundalini Yoga. And with your donations we can support this work as well as the work of inspiring members of our community.  

How will the money be used at 3HO?  

With the help of our community and your donations, we will be able to continue offering inspirational Kundalini practices, rich online content and resources, and build our connections around the world such as 3HO Luminaries and our vision of a world-class Kundalini Yoga retreat center at Ram Das Puri. 

How to Help 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for the extraordinary generosity of this community. 

Please give what you can to support the work of 3HO Foundation. Your gift of any size will make a difference, and will help us thrive and touch more lives who have not yet experienced the power of Kundalini Yoga. 

Your Recurring Donation Helps us More 

If Kundalini Yoga has had a big impact on your life, we encourage you to increase your contribution by making a recurring donation. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to set up a recurring donation. 

Thank you for contributing to this powerful community! We are in this together, and will come out stronger than before.