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Yogic Living: Japji - Meditation of the Soul

"Guru Nānak gave us Japji. Jap means repeated, reciprocal creative power. Jap means when we recite and what we recite, it takes mind, body, and soul to recite. Jap requires consciousness, intelligence, and personality; it requires soul, mind, and body.

Ji means the soul, the inner self, the eternal self, the excellent self, the infinite self. Ji energy is what the universal energy is, and Guru Nānak gave you Jap of the Ji, that's why the name is Japji. It is recitation of that Ji; it is called multiple soul, it's called infinite soul." ~Yogi Bhajan, April 16, 1985

Through repeating Japji daily, we attune our Soul to the universal consciousness that Guru Nānak embodied. This amazing poem teaches us how to live in consciousness on this planet. As we recite it with each repetition, we teach ourselves through its vibration; we don't even have to know the meaning. On a cellular level, we are shifting the vibratory frequency of our being. 

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