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A Quantum Technology of Sound

The sound patterns of the Shabad Guru are based on the science of sound. It is quantum because it manipulates the smallest particles of sound and energy into effective combinations and patterns.

Each primal sound is a unit that is pronounced by a particular part of the mouth. When we form a word to speak it, the tongue moves and touches the palate, the top of the mouth, and the teeth in a well-defined area. The sound of the word directs the pressure of the air and vibrates the vocal chords to stimulate specific areas in the skull. The primal sounds use these areas of reflex, attached to meridians, to direct brain patterns.

The Shabad Guru Symphony

One way of understanding the role and effects of the Shabad Guru is to imagine your body as a symphony putting on a performance. Through your words and your breath, you are the composer of your own life. 

There is a musical score that originated at the beginning of creation. It comes from the creative pulse of Infinite Consciousness. This musical score vibrates in everything continually. The rhythm and sound of this score is recorded in the Shabad Guru and can be consciously applied to your life.

Each of your body systems works as an instrument. When commanded by the Shabad Guru, these systems develop an amazing harmony of energy, excellence, and healing.

The credits in the program for your production of the Shabad Guru Symphony would look this:

Shabad Guru: Musical Score

Hypothalamus Gland: The Conductor

Coordinates all the radically different functions of the body. Receives information from both “directions” in the brain.  From the “higher” cortex of the brain: ideas and associations. From the body: genes, cells, muscles, and movements. Sends information via neurotransmitters, a chemical messenger. Information flows in pulses, in multiple directions. Regulates communication between the mind and body.

The Breath: The Conductor’s Baton

Drives the rhythm. Regulates nervous and glandular system via the biorhythms of the breath. Sets the mood of the music. Makes the whole flow of the “orchestra” act together. Releases waves of neurotransmitters with each beat

Endocrine System: Instruments for Energy and Moods

Pituitary Gland: the Master gland. Is instructed by signals directly from the hypothalamus. Releases hormones into the blood. Modulates moods. Governs metabolism.

Autonomic Nervous System: Instruments for Action and Relaxation

Most actions, except the breath, are involuntary, operating below the conscious level. Sympathetic Nervous System. The gas pedal of our body. Wake up and go! Sends the heart racing, speeds the breath, and raises blood pressure. Parasympathetic Nervous System. The brake pedal. Relax, take it easy. Slows the breath and relaxes the digestion, nerves, and circulation.

Immune System: Instruments for Defense

Adjusts immune system cells (like killer cells). Helps the removal of toxins. Fights against viruses.

Senses and Central Nervous System: Interactive Audience

Receives and transmits stimulation from the environment. Impacts what the conductor is doing. Is transformed by the experience of the symphony. Senses becomes clear. Emotions and mental patterns become balanced and integrated.

The Shabad Guru, the vibration of the Infinite cosmos, is music for both the energetic and physical systems of the human body. 

Energetic Vibrations

To use the musical analogy in a new way, the energetic system of the human body can be understood as a wondrous musical instrument. It is constructed with 72 strings. Each string, or sur, acts like a meridian; it is a flow of prana, the energy of life. The inflow of cosmic energy cascades through the crown of the head and collects in seven pools called chakras. The 72 strings are controlled by three central strings or channels: the ida and pingala, the left and right sides, and the sushmuna, the central channel up the middle of the spine.

The upper chakras vibrate with the release of each independent thought, which occurs at a rate as high as one thousand thoughts in the blink of an eye. These vibrations or patterns of thought “pluck” the strings. Then, the strings vibrate into the 72,000 channels, which creates the shape and function of the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental bodies, just as you stroke a string on an instrument and the vibrating string forms a shape in the air.

To vibrate perfectly requires a combination of Shakti and Bhakti. Shakti is the power of precision and discipline in the repetition. It is the pure energy that infuses all implementation without human tiredness. Bhakti is the experience of surrender and devotion; it is the devoted dedication to complete everything. Shakti and Bhakti are the form and flow, sun and moon, rhythm and tone in perfect blend.

Summarized from The Aquarian Teacher: KRI International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Textbook Level One Instructor. Third Edition. Kundalini Research Institute, 2005