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A Teacher's Reach

By Narinder Kaur

If you want peace on Earth, teaching Kundalini Yoga is a very effective way to achieve some of that. It brings peace.

You never know how far your efforts reach when you teach. A student who leaves class elevated by the teachings may be the person in an office full of people who are then elevated by her, or maybe they take this technology into their classroom full of growing children. If we touch one heart, we can touch many hearts. A web of Light weaves through communities this way.

There are ancient schools of yoga, still present, still for the future. Traveling as they always have been, passed down by one disciplined hand to another one. Yogi Bhajan delivered Kundalini Yoga abundantly. The teachings have been proven to be beneficial to brain health, increasing memory, calming anxiety, elevating depression. They have been proven to reach recesses in the mind where one stores their unique creative thought. They have been proven to soften a guarded heart. These sequences intertwine to bring the fullest potential into Being.

This is a delightful reason to share them!

There are no challenges to teaching yoga when the teacher’s sadhana is firm and established. It sustains vitality, inspiration, humility and agility. It offers the space to let the ego relax while the forehead is below the heart, resting on the floor, in prayer.

We can, as teachers, get nervous sometimes because we judge our uniqueness; we second guess our curriculums. Tuning In with the Adi Mantra creates the space where we can step aside, allowing Guru’s Grace to co­teach with us. Subtly this happens and the teacher bears witness to the students’ breathing and opening hearts. There is a flow we tune into.

With wondrous honor, a teacher gets to watch, over time, the weaving of victories, creating joy in the student’s life. They become fulfilled with contentment as they are emboldened to live in relationship with their Soul.

And there is some peace on Earth.

“You took an oath, you took a job to serve the deep spirit of humanity. And if you took an oath to do that job, to serve humanity, who else will do it?”
-Yogi Bhajan 8/1/96

Narinder Kaur lives in Atlanta with her husband Brahamjot Singh. She is an artist, a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a Home Funeral Guide. www.twocrowsyoga.com