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Numerology Forecast for November 2017: Attend to Your Spirit First

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of November brings a new wave of enthusiasm and energy to the planet, along with the distinct sense of urgency to make progress in one’s life.

The previous month of October threw nearly everyone for a loop, and now there is a clear and firm need to feel in control again, and on the right path.

Good news, this is possible and likely to go well, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. The number 11 of November represents relationships, right alignment, and leaning into “source energy” when things get tough.

Did you have some difficult moments in your relationships last month? You bet you did!

The idea is to remember those lessons surrounding boundaries, protection, and trust. Do not be careless in November; be precise, focused, and realistic about how well other people are going to be able to come through on their promises. Think positive, and leave breathing room for a margin of error.

The reason for this is because we have the number 3 appear in the Base calculation. (Base is month of 11 plus year of 10 = 3). Yogi Bhajan has characterized the number 3 as “Devil or Divine!” This energy can be experienced as positive, creative, and nurturing, or, mischievous and destructive.

There is an emotional wild card at play throughout the month, and you will notice this in people’s behavior. One motto to keep in mind is, “Don’t go for the bait.” It is this baiting or luring tendency that will also be playing itself out in people’s behavior, and you don’t need to end up like a bug on a windshield, “Splat!” All because you didn’t have the good sense to see it coming.  Play your own game, and stay one step ahead of anyone else’s. 

For anyone who does not have a strong nervous system, there will be the tendency to react in an angry outburst when things go wrong. A person with a strong nervous system is able to stabilize, adapt, and move forward on a new and better trajectory.

Children need to be taught this, as the world they are now growing up in requires a near constant ability to adjust to changing circumstances. A good family movie to watch is “127 Hours,” starring James Franco. Nominated for 6 Academy Awards, it is the true story of a young man who goes off adventuring in the Utah wilderness, and gets himself stuck in a very precarious situation. He is forced to adjust to an extreme environment, and his only chance of survival is to immediately develop a meditative mind.

Have a family discussion afterwards about boundaries, communication, and personal preparedness for moving through life. Since watching that movie, I have never-ever bought a crappy knife again.

Looking again to the Base number of 3, let’s see what solutions there might be to better handle the push and pull of the positive and negative polarities. Everyone will be going through some level of release in relation to childhood anger. We are entering the holiday season, and regardless of personal religion, no religion, whatever, we are all affected by issues of family, belonging, and self-worth. If you never quite got over a sibling getting the better Christmas present, those hurtful memories will be coming up big time.

What to do? The Kriya to Know through Intuition is an excellent practice for this month. You will be linked to the higher flow, and feel smooth and protected. This is what it is all about right now; the ability to shift the flow of the psyche. As Yogi Bhajan has said,

“If you don’t have the flow of your own psyche, you will have nothing but anxiety.”

This quote of his is one of my “touchstone truths.” Whenever I feel off-base, I refer back to this, and I find a way forward. We are no longer in “normal” times. The days of the “Brady Bunch” and “The Waltons” are over.  And many people are having a difficult time with this.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “Nam Hari, when are things going to get better?” Well, the real answer is that things are not necessarily going to get better in the way that you once knew them to be, however, life can still be happy.

What is different, because of the “Change of the Age” we are going through, is that everyone is now required to invest in their personal well-being. It is an investment of time, energy, and intention into some form of spiritual practice.

Grab hold of any 11 minute Kundalini Kriya that motivates, inspires, and blesses you, and don’t let anyone or anything take it away. Stand your ground now for you, and let everything else fall where it may. Answer to spirit first, and then you are the positive polarity of the number 11 for November.

Divine Alignment: You know your own flow, and you know where to go. That’s where the opportunities are, the blessings, good luck and fortune. And yes, it is all possible, in “these times.”

May the hand of the Heavenly Heralds guide you and bless you, and make you ever feel at home in the love of the Divine. Sat Nam.   

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