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Numerology for May 2018: Winds of Awakening

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of May brings a sweeping wind of awakening to the planet, and we are now feeling moved to strongly express ourselves. We want a change, and we want it now.

The number 5 of May represents issues of freedom, direct communication, and the need for flexibility and tolerance. Sounds like a bit of an odd combination, doesn’t it? Yes, you would be right in thinking so, and let’s look at the balance of it all so we can best apply ourselves.

The number 5 represents balance itself, as it is the midpoint number between 1 and 10.

Since 5 is ruling the Heart calculation this month, whenever you act out in an aggressive or inappropriate way, you will end up hurting yourself and the potential of what it is you would like to achieve. I know this might sound like very stock-in-trade advice, however, there is a particular “boomerang effect” in the negative energy landing back on your doorstep. So, think before you speak and wait until you have all the information before judging any situation.

There will be a tendency towards misinformation and manipulation in social media, so take the high road of the number 7, which appears in the Base calculation. Number 7 is the Wise Owl archetype, and represents the ability to sit upon a high perch and observe in a cool, calm, and sophisticated manner. This posture will save you time, energy, and potential embarrassment from committing to a point of view that has a hidden flaw.

That which is hidden will be coming out this month, and many will be responding in rage and protest. Have as strong an opinion as you care to about the drama of the day, just stay off the front lines of conflict. Again, aim higher with the number 7, the Wise Owl, and graciously speak to the facts and truth of the matter.

Timing is everything in life, and as you would never try to clean out a blender while the blades are still spinning, let things naturally wind down before making your next best move.

May is the last month of an especially intense 3 month cycle that began in March. Sometimes people get frustrated towards the end of something, and want to warp-speed into the future. Steadiness is keynote now, and a meditative mind will protect you from impulse.

When number 5 goes negative it is impulsive, reckless, and has an immature “shooting from the hip” approach to life. This type of instability can cost us; however, there is a way to safe-guard from destructive impulse. The “Get Stable-Anywhere” meditation is perfect for when you are feeling frustrated and restless. In 3 to 11 minutes you can come back to being your real self, which is a priceless place of power. Yogi Bhajan has said, “It is the answer to abnormal conditions we don’t understand.”

Now for the good news. As much as the past 3 months have been very challenging, the following 3 months (June, July, August) have a more positive and beneficial quality.

June is great for marriage, business, and spiritual growth. July and August continue in a positive trend as well. It is fair to say that there are always positive and negative things happening on the planet at any time. However, the cycles indicate an energetic frequency that prevails at a given point of time and space. So, know the weather report and bring your umbrella if necessary.

Swinging back to May, there are certain days this month that are “heads up” days. Be extra cautious and aware of travel and communication on the 5th, 9th, 14th, 18th, 23rd, and 27th. Keep yourself in a more insular and protected space on these days, and venture forth boldly at a later time.

May is all about change, and as number 5 represents the Earth Element, it is important to stay grounded amidst these changes. Metal is part of the Earth Element, so now is the time to get your car, racing bicycle, lawnmower, extra keys, and kitchen gear in tip-top form.

“Tune it up and sharpen it up!” could be the motto for May.

Now, let’s talk about something different, and that would be the topic of Love. Everyone is looking for Love in their life, whether it be personal, friendship, community, or otherwise.

In all of the hundreds of counseling sessions I have done over the years, the theme of being loved is always what is most longed for. In all of the scenarios that I have come across, which may appear so dramatically different, it all boils down to one clear simple statement. And that statement is, “I want you to love me back, and why don’t you see things my way?”

This inability we have at times—as individuals, as a humanity—to see things from another’s perspective is the root of all frustration and conflict.

Let’s take the high road of the number 5 now, which is flexibility, tolerance, and the compassion of a Teacher who can see beyond the turmoil to the destiny line. Allow yourself time and space to find the right moment, words, and tone of voice to elevate another human being.

Your emotional and spiritual endurance will win you your equilibrium, which is the number 11, the overall number for 2018. Let May be the time you reset yourself for the remainder of the year, so you can recognize and grasp the opportunities ahead. The very best is yet to come, and you are ever deserving of so much more.

“Your blood, your chemistry, your psyche, your cells and their magnetic frequency all change within 72 hours. And they do renew themselves, it’s not that you have to believe it. This is an organic world.”
-Yogi Bhajan

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