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Numerology for July 2021: Sit by a River

By Nam Hari

The month of July brings a time of increased mental clarity and a heightened ability to focus on the unfolding path before us. So far, the calendar year of 2021 has been a landscape of perpetually shifting sands, requiring us to adjust and adapt ourselves in order to maintain a functional flow of health and well-being. It’s been a bumpy ride.

The number 7 of July affords us a restive time, along with the ability to intuitively plan and strategize for the future. This means, when you’re in the right head-space the correct answer will effortlessly be revealed to you.

The number 7 embodies the themes of personal space, music and singing, nature, the intellect, and the Water Element. Sitting by a river and reading a book or listening to music is a perfect restorative activity for July. Swimming in water will be very healing, as number 7 is the Aura, or electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body. Get out into nature and affirm, “I am cleansing my Aura and sensory awareness---I now receive the intuitive guidance needed. All is well in my world.”

There is an influx of highly positive collaborative energy circulating now, and new connections with those who we have “Soul contracts” will be introduced. This enhanced jet-stream of energy is coming from the number 12, which appears in the Base calculation for July. (Base is month of 7 + year of 5 = 12). Number 12 is the archetype of the Good Shepherd, and additionally represents tribes and cooperative-exchange.

If you are longing for the next step and new horizon to be revealed to you, this is the time when the Universe has your back and will move you forward. There is a greater ease and flow in creating new social connections, as we are now feeling an opening of the heart like never before.

Speaking of the heart, the Heart calculation for July is a 10, and robust and hearty number 10 is “All or Nothing!” (Heart number is month of 7 + Gift number 202+1 of 3 = 10). We will be experiencing a great sense of enthusiasm when we’ve emotionally struck gold, and new friendships, business teams and romances will flourish at this time. Good news!

It’s all about higher alliances, because that is the fuel we need to help change the world. The days of the Lone Wolf are over, and nearly everyone would like to help in some way towards keeping the world on a positive healing trend.

I am going to suggest a very easy yet wonderfully powerful meditation for July, called “Get Rid of Your Couldn’t.” After all we have been through over the past 18 months, it would be understandable to feel unsure or self-doubting about the future and our ability to navigate it correctly. Yet, we are the captain of our own ship. This meditation gives you a personal rhythm that allows you to conquer the “couldn’t” feeling that can haunt you. Practicing this meditation even 3 minutes a day will chip away at the wall that’s blocking you, and you will see the sunshine of your destiny again.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve recommended a movie, so I‘m going to share with you one of my all-time favorites. “Walk the Line,” starring Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix, is the story of Johnny Cash and his rise, fall, and rise again to fame and fortune. This Academy and Golden Globe award winning movie is well worth your time to watch. Not only is it highly entertaining, it brilliantly illustrates how just 3 words spoken in anger by a parent can haunt a child like a ghost, creating ruinous self-destruction in their adult life. It also shows how we can be resurrected from our pain and shine again.

There is a real power in our words, those we speak to others, and those we speak to ourselves. Words create the lyrics to the songs we like, and they can lift us up or spiral us downward. Becoming more aware of your internal dialogue, or “self talk,” is a good place to begin shifting the direction of where you’re going in life.

The month of July is an excellent time to create your Go-To places and spaces of elevation.  Number 7 is music, and one of my Go-To songs is “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. Also, “Up On the Roof” performed by James Taylor.

We have 3 dates this month that will allow us an “energy upgrade” if we’re open to the higher frequencies. These dates are the 1st, 10th, and 28th. Set aside alone time for a walk through nature, meditation, or relaxing sea salt bath. Ask of the benevolent good graces of the Universe, “Please guide me and show me the way to the protected path of my life’s purpose and fulfillment.” Know that the guiding Angels of mercy and kindness are very strong at this time, and they are just waiting to hear from you.

Seven is the archetype of the Seeker, and there is that which we can find on our own, and that which is bestowed. Your ability to allow and accept the blessing is just as important as the generosity of the giver.

Okay, here’s a rare moment! I am going to share with you one of my secret energy shape-shifters—it works every time. The song “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, is gorgeously performed in this live acoustic version holding forth in London, England. It has all the mojo you need to open your heart. Link   Sing it out to the Heavens and feel the Love scooping you up and kissing your Soul.

Begin now to love yourself unconditionally, and know that good and happy things will flow from there. Nothing needs to be as hard as it may seem at times, and by simply shifting our own frequency we begin to attract and move into a better emotional landscape.

Be your own good gardener, and plant the seeds of self-kindness, healthy habits, and mercy for others.

The definition of mercy is, ”Compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.” Wow, that is a powerful statement. Let us at this time grant mercy to others, and know that there is a circular energy which runs this Universe.

May the Heavens guide and bless you, and grant you the protected path of light and love for your Soul’s journey home. Sat Nam.

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