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Hearing Your Inner Voice

By Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur 

Have you ever been in a situation where the facts added up, the agreement made sense, it all looked right, you were nodding your head, and yet you had a thought or a fleeting feeling telling you this was not the way to go? And you said yes anyway because the information-as processed through the intellect-was louder than your inner voice? And you kicked yourself later when your intuition proved to be correct?

We've all been there. To keep from going there again, we need to develop a stronger relationship with our inner voice so that when it speaks, we acknowledge it and follow its guidance. Usually we hear it, then minimize, dismiss, ignore, or talk ourselves out of it.

Every person has inner guidance available to them and a choice to listen and live with its support. The inner voice is the voice from the soul. It is our guide and guardian. When we allow it, permit it to lead us, say yes to it, consciously agree to it and trust it, life is joyful and with ease. Otherwise we are handicapped and life becomes a hassle.

How does this work? The frequency of our divinity-our soul-influences the quality of thought. With each breath the mind has the opportunity to consolidate that frequency. When we practice mantra, its sound modulates the breath so our mind has sufficient prana (life force) to carry our own divine frequency. When our thoughts and feelings resonate with the soul, conflicting thoughts and emotions are quieted and we can sense the guidance of intuition that is always present.

There are times when we don't have a clue-no inner voice, no guidance, no clear confident knowing-just the roar of conflicting thoughts; times when we would really appreciate some input. These are the times to sit and actively meditate. Yes, actively. Sometimes we need to move before we can be still; sometimes we need to make sound before we can be silent enough to listen and hear. Practice a kriya or meditation that includes elements other than sitting still.

We tend to consult our inner wisdom when we are facing Big Questions, have a weighty decision to make, or a major conflict to resolve. Yet our inner guidance is available all the time, for the smallest of actions, even when we don't directly ask for it. Ahhhh, if only we would listen...

Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D., is director of the Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine & Humanology. She lectures widely on the behavioral, psychological, and spiritual aspects of getting and staying well. Email [email protected], or visit www.grdcenter.org .