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Numerology Forecast for January 2022: Stay Healthy & On Point

By Nam Hari

Here we are, stepping into the brand new calendar year of 2022, and if we play our cards right, we will emerge ahead of the game by the year’s end. As we are now in an overall number 6 year, our home space, family, friends, and immune system need an energetic upgrade in order to stay on point and healthy.

Number 6 represents justice and fair play, so wherever there is an imbalance of power in your world, do your best to sort it out now. Don’t let family, work, or social dynamics fester in malcontent. Re-boot your self-esteem and say, “Hey, this really isn’t working for me anymore, and I’d like to create a fair and balanced path forward where everyone is happy.”

2022 requires a near Jedi-Knight approach to life, which includes a personal code of conduct and the self-discipline of an impeccable warrior. Nothing is more valuable than maintaining your health right now, so brush-up on your personal medicine chest of vitamins, herb teas, and raw fruit and vegetables juices. If new to this, start with the simple intention of, “Okay, once a week I’m going to stop by the juice stand and get a nice carrot-celery juice.” Build new habits of health and vitality into your life, one step at a time.

You will be experiencing an extra boost of support for all of this, as the number 1 of January brings an initiative spirit and sense of, “I’ve got to watch out for number One!” Good plan, because if you don’t have your own act together, you can’t really help anyone else anyway.

Number 1 embodies the themes of vision, self-reliance, courage, and the ability to access one’s own heart energy with a spirit of inspiration and clarity. In the positive polarity, number 1 is grounded, precise, and focused in its approach to life. In the negative polarity it can be bossy, domineering, and have a, “My way or the highway!” swagger to its step.

This is where developing your intuition is critical, as there will be moments where you need to stand your ground and fight back, and other times when it’s best not to stand in front of a runaway train.

This sparks-on-the-track runaway train energy will prevail on the planet at times, as number 6 is the Fire Element. Yes, things will be heating up, particularly in the months of March, June, September, and December. These are critical “flash-point” months, where it won’t take much to push someone over the edge. You need to keep your cool, because many people will be having emotional melt-downs.

It is interesting to note that in our common language we have the preamble, “In the heat of the moment he...” Yes, it is that heat, that uncontrollable fire which creates so many personal and sociological problems.

I have some very good news for you, because there is a simple way to cool off excessive heat within the mind and body. The yogic technique, Sitali pranayama, is your best friend in 2022, as it has a cooling effect on the psyche and nervous system, as well as helping to eliminate toxins from the bloodstream. Keep this practice as part of your personal medicine chest and you can’t go wrong.

Keeping the focus on the theme of health for January, more good news! The Heart number for this month is a 5 (Heart is month of 1 + Gift of 22 = 5), and number 5 is ready to take charge of one’s own physical body and vitality. Variety is the spice of life, and our hearts would like to mix-it-up and experience change, travel, expansion, and most of all, a new attitude.

Create a plan for yourself where you are willing to check out three different types of activities that expand your horizons. (not a dating site!) offers a wide range of interest groups, and allows for a safe way to opt-in or out of these groups if you choose.

Then volunteer at an Animal Shelter a couple of hours a week, walking the dogs. If you think you felt cooped-up during the lockdowns, imagine how they must feel living in a cage nearly 24 hours a day. Give the gift of freedom.

2022 will challenge our ability to keep up with an intense influx of new information, while additionally testing our equilibrium under the duress of a dramatically shifting social climate. “Are you in or out?” will be one of the underlying themes as we decide who we can really trust among our friends, family members, and work colleagues. The ability to form trustworthy alliances will be an essential ingredient for overall well-being and support for the immune system. A large part of your health is directly connected to your relationships. Cut loose any toxic ties, and allow space for the fresh new blood of higher intention and mutual support.

Wherever you’re going, you can’t get there alone anymore. The triple 2’s of 2022 speak to this truth at the highest volume, as number 2 represents relationships. Whether it’s you and your spouse, neighbor, boss, friend, relative, or beloved dog or cat, you will be constantly working through the dynamics of creating harmony and balance.

As a humanity we want this harmony and balance; it is just the lack of consciousness in the world that makes it all so messy at times—a lot of the time, actually. We are only responsible for keeping our side of the street clean, so to speak; and yet it is difficult when someone else seems to have a toxic waste site on their side.

Having said all that, let’s try and bring it up an octave. Number 6 in its highest form is the power of prayer and your projective psyche. You can’t stand in front of that runaway train, but you can pray for the health and healing of planet Earth.

People are launching off into outer space, but I personally do not want to be living on Mars anytime soon. Not a single organic coffee cafe or independent movie theater to be seen, so forget about that for awhile.

In January create a ritual for yourself that brings in the good luck and fortune for 2022. Burning sage as you walk through your home, while singing your favorite song or mantra, is a good way to dispel old stagnant energies. Affirm to yourself, “I create my world through my positive projection, and all that is healthy and good now aligns with my every step forward.”

Yes, we are in the most curious of times, and yet we can still hold a space within ourselves that brings light and hope to the world. In the words of author Edith Wharton “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

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