When You Arrive

Sat Nam,

In 2021, during this time of COVID, 3HO will be offering a full schedule of online events.  We will miss being together in person, but we hope you will join us to experience dynamic Kundalini classes, morning sadhanas, concerts, and connection with your Kundalini community from around the world.  All from the comfort of your home. See our Online Events Calendar here.

Please plan to arrive prior to 7 p.m. in order to better facilitate your Check-in Process and Registration, as well as set-up your tent.  

For First-timers: Welcome! please inform our Hospitality Team, who will give you a tour of the camp and answer any questions you may have. And don't be afraid to ask any questions you might have at Registration. 

What to Expect When You Arrive at Camp

1. Driving In

  • For Pre-Registrants: Please print out your Event Ticket that you recieved in your email after your registered.  You will be waved through the front gate to find a parking spot. Every full registrant is required to check-in at the registration tent prior to setting up camp or unpacking.
  • If You Haven't Registered:  Proceed to the Registration tent after you park to register before you set up camp. 

1. Luggage Shuttle: Once on site, please leave your baggage in the Luggage Shuttle holding area. If you already know your camping destination or if you have a cabin or tent space, please place items in the appropriate areas (rental tent or cabin number). If you do not know where you are camping please decide where you want to camp prior to returning to the luggage area so you can place luggage in appropriate area. Once you have completed Check-In/Registration please return to shuttle if you didn't know where your luggage was going. *Cars are no longer allowed to drive on the premises. If you have special needs please contact the 3HO office.
2. Check-In & Registration: All camp participants must proceed to the registration area after parking their vehicles. Please bring the following information with you to the Registration trailer:
  • All Registrants- An I.D. such as a driver's license to varify your information. 
  • International Travelers - round trip airline ticket confirmation 
  • Students - must have college/Graduate School I.D
3. Cabin, Tent and RV Spaces :If you have reserved a bunk or cot in a cabin or a tent space you will have with your badge a tag that you will put on in your bunk or cot. There will also be a list posted at the cabins. Please do not put your belonging on a bed if you have not put your tag there. Your tag will say whether you have a top or bottom bunk space or in some cabins there are some bottom bunks not set aside, check cabin list to make sure that if there is a senior with a bottom bunk that there is a space left. For RV's you will also receive a tag to put in the window of your RV and your name will be posted on the marker at the site.
4. Karma Yoga: Check out the Karma Yoga Registration Area to find where your Karma Yoga team meeting is, from 9:30 am until 10:30 am every morning. Pick up the Camp Program Booklet, a Tantric bag and other possible goodies and information.
4. Return to Luggage Area: Please place your bags in the areas marked for camping or specific cabin numbers. You should have received your cabin or rental tent tag with the number on it so place luggage in appropriate areas. You will receive a program that has a camp map during registration. Your luggage will be transported to your living area and you will walk there to pick it up.
5. Set Up Camp: Now you are free to unpack and settle in. Please walk to the Luggage Shuttle drop point closest to where you'll be camping. Collect your things and proceed to your chosen campsite. Wheelbarrows are provided for campers to reach their campsite.
6. Late Arrivals: Please be sure to bring your Event Ticket and arrive at camp before 7:00pm in order to better facilitate your safety and security. Registration closes at 9:00pm. If you don't arrive in time to go through the on-site registration process before they close, and you do not have your Event Ticket, you will need to register with Security to enter the site. Registered late arrivals may have to sleep in the Tantric Shelter. You will need to check-in at the on-site Registration immediately after breakfast the following morning. Please be aware that if you arrive after Registration closes and you have not pre-registered, you must register immediately the following morning or you may be asked to leave the site.
7. Special Dietary Needs: . We will have facilities for special diet food storage.  We are unable to offer cooking facilities, but attendees with special diets may store their food onsite in a designated area.