Past Themes: 2008-2012

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The 2008 – 2012 Theme Arc: Carrying Us into the Aquarian Age

The Dawn of a New Age
By Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD, KRI Directory of Training

Yogi Bhajan was a visionary who guided us on a path of discipline and consciousness and pointed us toward the horizon of the Aquarian Age. Beyond that horizon is a new sun. It is the dawn of an Age in which we can and must reach our maturity as human beings--a time when courage and compassion are expressed from our essence and prosperity flows from our originality and intuition.


According to Yogi Bhajan’s vision, this change is gradual, radical, profound, and lasting. Unlike many other changes we as humanity have gone through, this change is like the shift from adolescence to adulthood. It brings all of our capacities to fruition and gives us a chance to create a future of peace.


In this coming Age, we are called to embrace change–both personal and global. When we bring our Selves fully present and embrace change, evolution and elevation are the result. The Piscean-to-Aquarian transition from 1991 to 2012 brings us fully under the pressure of change–a pressure on each person, each nation, and each belief system. We must identify our personal reality and use both our intuition and our spirit to thrive under the pressure and challenge of the times.


From 2012 to 2038 we will be sorting out a new way of living together; a new approach to sustaining our environments; a new reach into micro- and macro-worlds of technology; and a new sensitivity to knowing each other–in our depth and shallowness–in the blink of an eye.

The Five Tattvas
The five-year period between 2008 and 2012 is our chance to energize, elevate, and develop the best qualities of our body, mind, and spirit, and to enjoy one another as we serve this time of awakening. Each Solstice will work on one of the elements (tattvas) and the associated qualities within us. Each Solstice combines the work we do as individuals with the creation of a powerful group psyche that can project our prayer and intention globally.
Traditionally, the five elements correspond to the first five chakras and are described by the qualities of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. By the time we complete the 2012 Solstice, we will have energetically reached the Sixth Chakra (Ether) and be ready to rely on a new level of subtlety. Both Winter and Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebrations for 2008 through 2012 will incorporate each year’s tattva into classes and workshops.
Individually and collectively, the tattvas will support us in working together for unity while expressing our unique gifts, as we prepare to embrace the Aquarian Age. Through understanding the elements, we will be uplifted and enlivened to serve, heal, and lead in this new Age.


2008: The Earth Tattva

The Blessing Is Next to the Wound
By Nodia Brent-Lux

The Earth Tattva is associated with the First Chakra. Our sense of groundedness is affected by the state of this chakra. Issues of fight or flight, survival, and abandonment can come up again and again in ways that sabotage healthy autonomy if the wounds acquired in this chakra are left unchecked. A crucial part of our maturation process is to realize that our wounds are meant to serve us and we are meant to heal. In the process of healing our wounds, we acquire the ability to heal others. The past becomes a workshop rather than a prison cell.

Earth Kriya

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2009: The Water Tattva

Maximum Creative Flow–Transforming Compulsion into Passion
By Nodia Brent-Lux

The Water Tattva is associated with the Second Chakra and the reproductive system. This is where creativity begins at its most primal source. Our emotions give us the energy that feeds our passions. When our emotions are not allowed to be processed in a healthy way, they start to control us. Our responses to daily life become rigid and compulsive, arising from our conditioning rather than from our creativity.

Imagine a container of water that has been collected from a stagnant source – the dirt and debris are visible. The water is of limited usefulness; it may even be toxic. As we begin to filter the water, we are able to perceive the parts that have been contaminating it. We realize that the healthfulness of the water depends not just upon the purity of its source, but upon our ability to refine it.

In the same way, it is our responsibility to clear unproductive emotional patterns within ourselves so that we can flow from an authentic and joyful place. We must also provide ourselves with the circumstances that create health in the first place. These measures are crucial to the creation of emotional transparency, a state of being in which we have nothing to hide, no hidden agendas. Emotional transparency is the basis of true intimacy-in relationship with ourselves, others and the Infinite.

Water Kriya (pdf)

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2010: The Fire Tattva

The Glow of Transformation
By Nodia Brent-Lux

The Fire Tattva relates to the Third Chakra and the digestive organs. Through the proper use of this element, we learn to fully digest the experiences that we get from life. Fire is an agent of healing and transformation. In the forest, there is a natural occurrence of frequent, low-intensity fires that periodically remove flammable undergrowth, without damaging larger trees. These fires also encourage seeds lying dormant within the earth to burst forth.

We experience a similar type of internal combustion when we give ourselves the experiences that support expansiveness in the Third Chakra. Suddenly we become aware that we have the momentum not only to survive but to thrive. The work that we did in Chakras One and Two provided us with assurance of our worthiness, of our right to be here.

We have cultivated the resources to transform the energy of old forms into new ones. Now we are ready to go into action with faith and courage. 2010, the year of the Fire Tattva, is the time to discipline ourselves, set strong boundaries, and manifest our goals.

Fire Tattwa commentary by KRI's Director of Training (115KB PDF)

Fire Kriya (1.1MB PDF)

Fire Kriya Spanish (120KB PDF)

Fire Kriya Italian (120KB PDF)

Fire Kriya Portuguese (120KB PDF)

Fire Kriya German (120KB PDF)

Fire Kriya French (120KB PDF)

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2011: The Air Tattva

Self-Love Is the Essence of Compassion
By Nodia Brent-Lux

The Air Tattva is associated with the Heart Chakra, home of the heart and lungs. Virtually all of the body’s blood travels through the lungs every minute. So the quality of our breath has a direct impact on the quality of our overall health and well-being. If we sit quietly and spend time breathing deeply, we will notice the lungs expanding and contracting with the breath.

If we tune in more deeply, we will also notice that there are places within our bodies that feel shut off from the prana (life force) that is an integral part of the breath. Examination of these areas may reveal that emotional and physical wounds are stored therein – that the body has literally armored itself in response to trauma. We discover that we can make a conscious decision to reintegrate these fragmented aspects of ourselves through compassionate self-inquiry.

In learning how to value and care for ourselves, we begin to authentically value and care for others. Human beings have a symbiotic relationship with plants and trees: We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide; they breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. This is a reflection of the interdependency that we share with each other and all living things. Once we begin to see the world’s joy and despair as our own, the response that results from this connection is compassion.

The Air Tattva Takes Us to the Heart of Service

2011 is the year of the Air Tattva, which is associated with the Heart Chakra, the center of kindness and compassion—where“Me” becomes “We.” We will focus on the Air Tattva at Winter and Winter Solstices and throughout the year. The mantra we will be using is “Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru,” the mantra that invokes the spirit of Guru Ram Das: humility, healing, service, and compassion. Translations of instructions are listed below.

Air Tattva English (250KB PDF)

Air Tattva Spanish (244KB PDF)

Air Tattva Italian (28KB PDF)

Air Tattva Portuguese (248KB PDF)

Air Tattva German (246KB PDF)

Air Tattva French (60KB PDF)

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Download free recorded introduction to the Air Tattva from Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD

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A Note from Gurucharan Singh Khalsa:

The tattvas represent qualities we all experience in our self and nature. They are seasons of change. From earthy solidity that forms a good base, a firm ground for habit and at the same time resists change to the etheric quality of formless possibility that lets intention flourish and empowers your words and ideas. We have been going through these seasons of change as we approach the Aquarian Shift around 11/11/2011 and the first winter solstice of that shift in 2012.

As the air tattva dominates this season of our shift it means we are hit with a whirlwind of ideas inside us and in the world--clashes of ideology, impulsive ideas, intuitive brilliance, and spiritual longing. The old ideas will be challenged. But we do not quite have the full sense of space that allows change to manifest.

That comes with the last tattva--the ether. We are poised. Energized. Impelled and impaled by arrows of thought that come in legion. We need above all the neutral mind. We must--before any action--drop judgment and bias. We need a healthy skepticism to let our own certainty relax and to invite the rise of new creativity--the gentle nudges of our global kundalini.

The neutral mind only begins after the fourth chakra. The qualities of this mantra tap the power of that neutral mind. Only then can healing happen as the old battles are released, the old questions redefined. Then we can be fully engaged and present to the miracle of being human together. This is not a time for a new leader, a new religion, a new belief, or a new promise. This is a time to awaken, mature, deliver, and live with spirit and courageous kindness.

This is how I understood this time and why we shared this special miracle mantra from Yogi Bhajan. He gave it to my wife, Gurucharan Kaur Khalsa, to experience a personal miracle when all things seemed impossible and conflicted. And she did. We both did. Then he explained its dynamics to me and gave me the experience of its depths.

Now people practice this around the world for healing, for sadhanas, for 40 day practices. One act of kindness and blessing now blesses us all as One and is a legacy we can share. Enjoy this however you can. It has effects immediately for it taps the timelessness beyond the minds tumult and conflict.

Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD KRI Director of Training

2012: The Ether Tattva—Wahe Guru Mantra

Where We Become One

"See the brotherhood of all mankind as the highest order of Yogis; conquer your own mind, and conquer the world. There is one awareness among all created beings. One who recognizes the One Lord among all beings does not talk of ego. All human beings have the light of the Lord and are the same. Only by subduing one's pride and ego could one see this light in all.”  Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Speak and Be the Living Truth

The year 2012 is a "5" year in Tantric Numerology.  The fifth chakra/throat chakra (Vishudda) is ruled by the Ether Tattva which which corresponds to the Throat Chakra, the power of projection and penetration. Mastery of the etheric element in combination with the spoken word has the potential of bringing the heavens to the earth--to create a reality that matches the Divine Will.

As we are now in the Aquarian Age without qualification, we need to become the answer to living on this small globe together. When we act from our original Self, we begin from silence and we create through the Word. We vibrate with our entire being. We project with the power of the fifth chakra. The past is gone. Let it go. Welcome what is yet to be seen. Release all fear and replace it with trust and commitment.

Meditation for the Ether Tattva

This is a powerful meditation for releasing fear and building trust and commitment through the power of the word.

  • Sit in Easy Pose with the hands in Gyan Mudra.
  • Chant the mantra Wahe Guru using the music below by Nirinjan Kaur. Continue for 11 minutes, then inhale deeply, exhale, and relax.

Wahe is a statement of awe and ecstasy. Guru is that which brings us from darkness to light. Wahe Guru is an expression of complete ecstatic awe of the Divine. It expresses the indescribable experience of going from darkness to light (from ignorance to true understanding). It is the Infinite teacher of the soul.

A trikutee mantra, it balances the energies of the generating, organizing, and transforming principles. It expresses ecstasy through knowledge and experience. It is the gurmantra, which triggers the destiny.

The Tie That Releases
By Nodia Brent-Lux

The Throat Chakra is linked with the element of Ether. The origin of Ether is the Shabd – the primordial, unmanifested sound; the energy that is the precursor for sound. Ether has no limits – it is without form or boundaries. Ether and the vibration that creates sound are inseparable; the voice is Ether’s organ of action.

Quantum physics has confirmed what the ancients have known – that there is a subtle energy that exists within and outside of us and connects all things. What can we do with this information? We can perceive that subtle energy as the loving arms of eternity that unconditionally nourish and sustain us. The quality of Universal Truth is manifested through the Throat Chakra. Universal Truth, which exists beyond the form of subjectivity, possesses the same supportive omnipresence as the element Ether.

As we embrace this Tattva, we surrender to the ultimate awareness: All truths united equal One Truth. All spirits united equal One Spirit.

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