Sat Nam,

In 2021, during this time of COVID, 3HO will be offering a full schedule of online events.  We will miss being together in person, but we hope you will join us to experience dynamic Kundalini classes, morning sadhanas, concerts, and connection with your Kundalini community from around the world.  All from the comfort of your home. See our Online Events Calendar here.


Accommodation Options at Circle F Dude Ranch


Yogi Bhajan recommended connecting deeply with Mother Earth at Winter Solstice and recommend camping to stay connected to that earthy energy. The Winter Solstice event site, Circle F Dude Ranch, offers options of tent camping, cabin camping, and RV camping.

Tent Camping (no extra charge)

Most attendees bring their own tents and camping gear. Please set up your tent in the designated tenting areas. Tenting is free of charge.

You do not have to register for a tent site, they are first-come, first-served in designated areas. Portalets and outdoor showers are nearby. We have designated shower units for tenters. Tenters may not enter the rental cabins to shower.

WSOL Map 2019(JPEG) 


Top bunk, lower bunk, red bunk, blue bunk.... Bunks are available for reservation on a First-come, First-serve basis. However, 3HO reserves several bottom bunks for seniors (55+) and disabled attendees who could not otherwise attend. Please register early to reserve these spaces if you cannot use a top buck. If you need a lower bunk and all the available spots are chosen, please email [email protected] for a reserved spot.  The reserved spots require a code from 3HO to register. If you can use a top bunk, please choose this option! 3HO reserves the right to re-assign able-bodied people to higher bunks if needed. Cabins... There are a total of 16 cabins on site. 8 cabins are on the Men’s side including 3 family cabins and  1 bathroom cabin for tenters; 10 cabins are on the Women’s side. 

  • Each cabin has 6 bunk beds for a total of 12 sleeping spaces. The  bunk beds have covered mattresses. Please bring your own bedding.
  • Each cabin as a shower, toilet, sink, and hot and cold running water. Please bring your own towels.
  • Cabins have electricity and heaters. However, please bring blankets/sleeping bag for warmth as the heaters are not heavy duty or designed for the winter temperatures which can be as low as 30 degrees.

You may purchase cabin spaces when you register for Winter Solstice on-line. Please be aware that cabin spaces are limited, we have 120 spaces for women, 36 spaces for men, 6 bunk beds for senior couples, and 12 bunk beds for families..... so register early if you really can't tent. You will receive an email confirmation for your cabin space(s) with your registration confirmation for the  Winter Solstice Event. CABIN DESCRIPTIONS:

  • General Cabin: For attendees who are comfortable with activity and noise up until 10 p.m and as early as 3 a.m.  $208/bunk space
  • Quiet Cabin: If you prefer a quiet place to go to during the day, early to bed and later to rise.                                                               (no sadhana) $208/bunk space

Please take conversations outside of the cabin if anyone is napping during the day. The general atmosphere is quiet, quiet, quiet.

  •  Sadhana Cabin:  Early to bed, early to rise, expect an active cabin starting at 3 a.m. and lights out and quiet by  9:00  p.m. (an hour earlier than all camp).  $208/bunk space

If you want to go to Sadhana but like to stay up late then please register for a General Cabin Space.

  • Sadhana/Quiet: This cabin is quiet during the day like the regular Quiet Cabin (see above) and super quiet after 9:00 p.m.
  • General/Sadhana:  Quiet by 9:00 p.m. like the regular Sadhana cabins but no quiet regulations during the day; just the normal courtesy such as being more subdued if someone is napping.
  • Family Cabin:  For families with children under 18 and couples.  $308/bunk bed (special family rate)

This year when families register for spaces in a cabin you will be registering for the entire bunk bed (top and bottom). It is up to you how you use the bunk bed. You can have 2 children (no more than 2) in a lower bunk if they'll fit, or if you have a young one you sleep with, you can do so and have another child or the other parent on the top bunk. If you are a single parent and sleep with your child, you can use the upper bunk for your luggage and other personal items and sleep in the bottom bunk. You can bring a spread and put  it over the top bunk and have a curtain for privacy over the bottom bunk. Circle F Camp has asked that we please have our attendees refrain from moving the bunks in the cabins.

Cabins are labeled as follows:                      

  • W2 General
  • W3 General
  • W4 General
  • W5 General
  • W6 Quiet
  • W7 Quiet
  • W8 Sadhana
  • W9 Sadhana
  • W10 Sadhana/Quiet
  • W11 General/Sadhana
Men, Families, and Tenter Showers
  • SW1 Senior Women
  • W12 Quiet Women
  • M4 General
  • FAM5 Family
  • FAM6 Family
  • FAM7 Family
  • M8 Showers (for families)
  • M9 Sadhana
  • M10 Quiet

Cabin Captains If you have worked in management, as a mediator, psychologist, or any field were resolving emotional issues is part of the skill set, then we need you as a Cabin Captain.  You must also feel comfortable being directive in establishing cabin routines and responsibilities when necessary.  This is not a position of authority but one of guidance and we need individuals with a firm but soft touch.  A cabin captain is required to be attending the entire event. If you feel you would serve well in this area please fill out our application Click Here.


Cabin Captain Rate: $154 ($54 discount)


RV's and Tent Trailers

There are designated areas for RV's and Tent Trailers; there will be no parking by cabins. There is power available for RV's. There is an additional fee of $108 for RV's over 24 feet and $54 for RV's under 24 feet. If you bring an RV. For local RV trailer rentals, please see: William Sirola 863-605-3995 Fax. 888-706-0561




Yogi Bhajan recommended that Solstice participants stay on-site at the campground to be close to the earth.  However, if you need other accommodations such as a hotel for any reason, please visit the City of Lake Wales website for more information on local hotels and bed and breakfasts. Previous Solstice attendees have recommended  Hampton Inn. You can receive 10% off the Hampton inn if you call them directly and let them know you are attending the Winter Solstice 3HO retreat. You can call them at: (863) 734-3000 to receive this discount. The closest Hotel is Green Gables, which may be the least expensive. Green Gables recently has redone thier rooms in 2017, with new carpets and furniture. They offer a 10% off rack rate. You can contact them directly for this and mention H20 for the discount.

Another option is the Holiday Inn, which is a nice Hotel Directions from Hampton Inn to Circle F Dude Ranch:

  1. Travel south on Highway US-27 heading towards East Mountain Lake Cutoff Road (go 1.8 miles)
  2. Take ramp towards Vero Beach (go 0.2 miles)
  3. Turn left onto FL-60 (go 6.4 miles)
  4. Turn right on Dude Ranch Rd (go 0.5 miles)
  5. Arrive at Circle “F” Dude Ranch.

3HO has a discounted group rate at the Hampton inn of $109 for a standard room and $129 for a suite per night. The normal rate would be $129 for a standard and $149 for a suite. There are 30 rooms available at this rate, from now until October 1st. Please book before then to receive this discount.

The group rate name to use to get the rate is "3HO YOGA RETREAT"
You will likely need to call the Hampton Inn and mention this group name to receive this rate.