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Evergreen Exercises for Men's Health

This is a short lecture with an accompanying set of exercises for men to keep you strong, potent, and healthy.

A man can become invincible and evergreen if he wants to. Through certain exercises, which call upon you to command your own self and your environments, you can recuperate yourself. It doesn't matter how difficult your life is.

God has given us the power of self-recuperation, which is much stronger and much better than we expect. It is through this power that this delicate man, called a human being, is competent to be male. Everywhere we see that with time men get weaker. They get mildly impotent earlier, they aren't honestly impressive, and they die younger than women. Temperamentally, every strong man slowly loses ground and this is true internationally. We get eroded before we even know that we are gone. When we are very young—from our teens to our late twenties—we perform well sexually, but in reality we become very weak sexually. You should be as good as an 18-year-old person until you are 90. As a man you have the capacity to recuperate yourself within 72 hours. This is the real secret of a healthy life.

Your real strength is in your blood chemistry. Is your blood young or not? That is what decides it—not you. You feel that you are either young or old based on your years; I believe that is a total diversion from reality. I believe that you are neither young nor old, but if your blood is hot and young, you are young; and if your blood is cold and weird, then you are old. We are going to work to find out how healthy you are and then we'll talk.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Evergreen Exercises


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