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Seeing Eye to Eye with the Master

By Guruka S. Khalsa

“I am walking my last mile,” Yogi Bhajan said. “Soon it will be time for me to leave my physical body behind.”

There are twenty-five of us Kundalini Yoga teachers sitting on the grass near his cabin in the warm summer sun of Mendocino, California, at one of the very first 3HO Summer Solstice Celebrations.

“Do not be sad that I am leaving you. I am always with you. You can talk to me at any time. You do not need my physical body. Do you know that picture? Place that picture in front of you, look eyes into eyes, and meditate. Chant the long Sat Nam. Guru Nanak will be with you. I will be with you. Any question will be immediately answered. No problem. You can be with me any time.”

We all knew immediately what he meant by “that picture.” A simple black and white photo of his face in which, eyes open, he stared directly at the viewer. He had explained to us that this was a very special photograph. It had been taken of him whilst he was in a state of deep Turiya consciousness. Turiya is the same as Samadhi, the state of total merger with the Universe. He told us earlier about this particular photograph.

He said, “Remember, this teacher whose photograph you are going to meditate on is not me. And you might not be aware of this thing; the picture does not have any value. It is how much devotion you have that shall be valued right there.”

Since that sunny day in the Mendocino meadow, I have always kept this magical picture on the wall at eye level right above my altar. In meditating, eyes into eyes, all questions are resolved, and all answers become clear.

The Tratakum Meditation

Guruka Singh Khalsa is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sikhnet. He is a teacher, writer, and inveterate punster. At SikhNet he does management, administration, business networking, fundraising, communication, and teaching. He is a source of inspiration to SikhNet staff as well as the entire “cybersangat.” He has been featured in over 70 SikhNet video interviews.